Secrets at Apple's Core

Title: Secrets at Apple’s Core
Date: 2012-05-23
Speaker: Adam Lashinsky (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Saying no is more important than saying yes.Getting rid of products–simplifying–is perhaps the core of what Apple is about.
Secrecy is incredibly important at Apple.
If you know something that is better is coming soon you’re going to be very unlikely to buy what is on the store shelves (and, more importantly for a business perspective, the warehouse shelves).
Apple keeps secrets from itself.
Design is preeminent.
Saying no is more important than saying yes.
Apple says no until it is ready to say yes.
DRI stands for Directly Responsible Individual.
When you have a good (marketing) line you repeat it over and over again. Somebody might be hearing it for the first time.
Edit down things that are extraneous.
Celebrities have a lot to say about a company’s image.
Apple is a culture of work not a culture of play.