A Playlist for Entrepreneurs

Title: A Playlist for Entrepreneurs
Date: 2012-05-16
Speaker: Daniel Elk, Chi-Hua Chien (Spotify)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
An entrepreneur is someone who has an itch for a problem and is annoyed enough by the problem that they go out and seek a solution for it. (Daniel Elk)
The right person will figure out how to sell umbrellas in the Sahara. (Daniel Elk)
Think solution oriented.It is all about execution. (Daniel Elk)
The vast majority of people in the world do not spend any money on music. (Daniel Elk)
Complicated industries tend to change slowly. (Chi-Hua Chien)
Keep going until you succeed if you’re convinced about something. (Daniel Elk)
Have a lot of patience. (Daniel Elk)
Choose an area where you think you can truly matter. (Daniel Elk)
Think solution oriented. (Daniel Elk)
Look at an interface and ask the question, “Why is it there?” (Daniel Elk)
Proximity…matters a lot. (Daniel Elk)
The physical presence cannot be replaced yet. (Daniel Elk)
What distinguishes A-players from B-players is you want to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. (Daniel Elk)
Don’t assume that because somebody is experienced that they have the right experience for that task. (Daniel Elk)
As an entrepreneur you’ve got to focus on the few things that matter. (Daniel Elk)
In a small company every person needs to carry their weight and more. (Daniel Elk)
Innovation is taking two things that are already known and putting them together to create something new. (Daniel Elk)
Solving one thing and solving it really, really well is super important. (Daniel Elk)
If you’re trying to be everything to everyone you will fail. (Daniel Elk)
Sometimes the easiest answer is also the right answer. (Daniel Elk)
Every platform that takes off always gets gamed. (Daniel Elk)