Small Acts and Big Impacts

Title: Small Acts and Big Impacts
Date: 2012-05-02
Speaker: Rebeca Hwang, Elizabeth Samara-Rubio (YouNoodle, StorWatts)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Small acts can have a big impact no matter how many resources we have. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Find a way to be a part of someone's best efforts to achieve their goals.Any technology at the end of the day has to impact people. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
You can’t just take best intentions and great technology into these (emerging) markets without having done a bit of homework in the field. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
A couple of ideas reproduce like rabbits. (Rebeca Hwang)
(To make good decisions) you first have to know what you want. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
As long as you’re clear with what you want give yourself some options and go with it. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Always try to make decisions that are going to improve your future but not at the expense of the present. (Rebeca Hwang)
Know who you want to impact. The business will take care of itself. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Part of success is failure. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Technology has the potential to truly disrupt in a very short time period. (Rebeca Hwang)
Find a way to be a part of someone’s best efforts to achieve their goals. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)
Have a road map. (Elizabeth Samara-Rubio)