Producing a Career from the Ground Up

Title: Producing a Career from the Ground Up
Date: 2012-04-18
Speaker: Gale Anne Hurd (Valhalla Entertainment)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
If you’re going to go in for a job interview make sure you’ve thought of everything.
When opportunity knocks on the door you close your eyes, you take a deep breath, and you say yes.
You are now at a better time than ever to succeed.You will either sink or swim.
Be careful what you wish for.
You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.
It is important to remember it is all a learning experience.
Choose to become indispensable.
Do what you love, not what is easy.
Challenge expectations including your own.
Stay hungry.
When there are no role models become one.
It is not just what you know that is important, it is who you know.
Be prepared when opportunity knocks.
Ask for help.
Learn to spot talent and support them through thick and thin.
Tell the truth even if it makes your path harder.
Never give up.
Always give back.
Don’t make a play until you have the right skills, mentors, and partners.
Not all partnerships work out.
Take a vacation.
Reinvent yourself if need be.
Don’t give into doubt.
The (film) industry now has more opportunity that it has ever had.
You are now at a better time than ever to succeed.
If you’re not given more responsibility fairly quickly it is probably time to move on.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
You can’t have products that are given away for free.
You can’t continue to do what you do if people aren’t willing to pay for it.