How to Focus on What is Important in Your Online Business

FA015: How to Focus on What is Important in Your Online Business
Date: 2010-09-23
Link: The Foolish Adventure
Focus on the things that actually turn into results.
The most important thing is to get your customer.
The only thing you need to be in business is a customer.
Find your passions and the things you like and then go look for the market. Because if you like them there probably are other people that like them also.
Commercial intent.
The traffic you want is people who want to purchase something.
Team up with mentors.
Twitter is a great place to communicate with your tribe quickly.
You need to build a community within your niche.
You ask your community what they want but it still has to fit with what you want for your life.
If you’re doing things right you’re going to upset people because you can’t make everybody happy.
The existence of a tribe depends on the other people in the tribe.
You need to stand for something. When you stand for something you will alienate some people.
A big part of being successful is picking a direction and going that way.
Don’t add to the learning curve.
You have to make something really awesome.
Focus on the thing that is going to get you to the making of the money.