How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue

Episode 177: How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue
Date: 2014-03-25
Link: Smart Passive Income
Set up a landing page.
Have prominent calls to action.
Have a screen for newsletter signups.
Often there is something you can give away on your landing page that is of more value than cranking out a series of blog posts.
Consider guest blogging.
Quora, Linkedin, and Twitter for B2B.
Do a private beta.
The best feedback is going to come from people that are willing to pay for (the product).
Blog as soon as possible.
Connect to industry leaders for opinions.
Experiment in a controlled way.
Concentrate on inbound leads.
Make the first customers 100% happy.
Offer an incentive an incentive to pay before their trial is up.
You have to build a product that people are actually interested in.