Your Product is Not the Hero (with Chase Reeves)

Episode 175 | Your Product is Not the Hero (with Chase Reeves)
Date: 2014-03-11
Link: Startups For the Rest of Us
Creativity, brand, and tone can build a business.
There is a cultural momentum around design.
Design is nothing. Design is a container.
The whole purpose of design is first and foremost to get out of the way of the business. Then to amplify the message of the business.
Any visitor to your site is so well trained to hit the back button.
Create an emotionally authentic moment.
Design creates trust.
Copy is absolutely the most important thing on the site.
You’ve got to care.
Don’t fall in love with your solution. Fall in love with the problem and you’ll be just fine.
Half the time we’re developing for ourselves.
Allow yourself to listen for a while.