The Dark Side of Online Business, Blogging and Success

SPI 104: The Dark Side of Online Business, Blogging and Success
Date: 2014-04-10
Link: Smart Passive Income
Success is never something that happens overnight.
When you’re starting out (with your own business) you wear all of the hats.
You want the advice, wisdom, and expertise of those who have already done it.
There is nothing more important than making connections because you cannot do this alone.
Make sure you have a schedule.
Hook up with other people as much as you can.
Take your most frequently asked questions (that you receive via email) and have answers ready.
The more you promote different things the more you confuse your audience.
The worst thing you can do is promote a product just for the commission.
The most important thing you have online is the trust you have with your audience.
A lot of time entrepreneurs put so much pressure on themselves that the burn out.
You can’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time.
The best defense (to trolls) is not reacting.
You have to grow a thick skin when you put yourself out there online.
You don’t want your success to take you over. You want to take over your success.