Building an Entrepreneurial Career

Title: Building an Entrepreneurial Career
Date: 2012-02-01
Speaker: Ted Zoller (Kauffman Foundation)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Great entrepreneurship usually starts with innovation.
Necessity is the mother of innovation.
In many cases innovation is not enough. You need insight.
Solutions need to find their impact in the market. Only a few will make it through.
Entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon.You need to dial in the notion of need.
The intersection of opportunity and need is where the entrepreneur should live.
Launch and learn is better than learn and launch.
You have to be able to execute.
Execution is critical.
The best business models are usually the simplest business models.
Avoid complexity.
Entrepreneurs don’t learn strategically. They are very opportunistic.
Entrepreneurs don’t think top down. They think bottom up.
It is very difficult to build a business on an incremental improvement. You really need a leapfrog strategy.
Entrepreneurs put themselves in the position to be lucky.
Book: The Discourses
Recurring revenues is a durable business.
The market brings a lot of clarity.
People need to see the world as an international or global market.
As you’re challenged further you become greater at acting entrepreneurially.
We were talking about Moore’s Law fifteen years ago. Now we’re living it.
Entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon.