Talking About a Revolution

Title: Talking About a Revolution
Date: 2012-01-18
Speaker: Deborah Hopkins (Citi)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Your phone is becoming your life. It guides a lot of the things you do.
There is a revolution happening in corporate America.
Trust your gut.Email is very vertical.
Email is going to go away and it won’t be that long.
Knowledge is power.
We need to find different ways to reward people.
Driving for the money is not going to yield you the best answer.
If you do the right things the money will come.
Banking is where some of the most intimate things in your life happen.
You have to have a front line.
Trust your gut.
If it feels right it usually is.
Strike when you find an opening.
Human nature hates change.
Carry the banner for creative chaos.
Share your intel.
Go in armed. Know your stuff.
Everybody goes through basic training.
Fight for the customer.
You gotta celebrate the victories.