Great Entrepreneurs Go Out and Do

Title: Great Entrepreneurs Go Out and Do
Date: 2011-10-19
Speaker: Brad Feld (Foundry Group)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
It takes about a decade to (shutdown) a venture capital fund.
It is very difficult to grow a venture capital firm.
The notion of trying is not really a core part of what the great entrepreneurs have done.
The great entrepreneurs make a decision to do something and then go after it with the full force of everything they have.
The notion of “I’m going to try to” almost out Eliminate the word try from the vocabulary.of the gate undermines your ability to go do.
Eliminate the word try from the vocabulary.
Do things that you love.
Entrepreneurial communities need leaders who are entrepreneurs.
Do a Startup Weekend.
(For entrepreneurial communities) you have to constantly be getting fresh blood into the system.
Make sure you’re spending your time on things where you’re learning all of the time.
The essence of what you’re trying to do as an entrepreneur, or if you’re investing in entrepreneurs, is creating amazing new things that impact all of us.
The pressure point of the opportunity moves around.
Often times your premise, especially early on in the life of the business, is wrong.
Look at your business as your innovation not just your product.
It is not a linear path.
Create the life you want to create. You’ll be better at creating the products you want to create.