Creating Enchantment

Title: Creating Enchantment
Date: 2011-03-02
Speaker: Guy Kawasaki (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Stay in school as long as you can.
The first pillar of enchantment is likability.
You need to be likable.
You have to improve your smile.
You should dress for a tie (with your audience).
The third component of likability is to have a great handshake.
First impressions are important.
You need to go from likability to trustworthy.
Trustworthiness occurs from when you trust others.
Trustworthy people are bakers not eaters. They see the world as a non zero-sum game.
Your branding has to be short, sweet, and swallowable.You need to default to yes.
When you meet people you need to be thinking how can I help that person.
Most people are completely reasonable about what they ask.
Great products have a great interface.
Your branding has to be short, sweet, and swallowable.
Do not use acronyms.
You should be able to describe your product in two or three words.
Think mantra not mission statements.
Do a premortem. Before you ship pretend your product/company failed. What are all of the possible reasons you could have failed? In an unemotional way talk about how you can eliminate each of those reasons.
Conduct a premortem so you never conduct a postmortem.
Launch the sucker.
You need to tell a story.
Most people, particularly in technology, are horrible at telling stories.
To have a perfect market you need to eliminate geography.
You need to plant many seeds.
Use salient points. Talk about number of songs rather than gigabytes.
To enchant people you will have to overcome resistance.
Social proof is when you see other people doing it so it must be okay.
Social proof is a very powerful factor.
You need to find a bright spot when you introduce a product or service.
You need to enchant the influencers.
Make something endure.
Money introduces a whole level of complexity.
Invoke reciprocation.
The optimal thing to say when somebody thanks you for doing something is, “I know you would do the same for me.”
You need to learn to present. You need to be able to speak.
Customize the introduction.
There is also negative reciprocation.
When pitching use 10 slides. 20 minutes. 30 point fonts.
If your boss asks you to do something do it.
A prototype significantly increases the probability you will do the right thing.
You should always deliver bad news early.
You have to be willing to suck it up.
You should never ask people who work for you to do something that you yourself would not do.