A Devotion to New Ideas

Title: A Devotion to New Ideas
Date: 2011-02-23
Speaker: Bill Gross (eSolar & Idealab)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Now (with the Internet) you can be in contact with all of your customers.
Focus is always better unless you pick the wrong focus.
Bill Gross - You have to be crazy in loveEquity is a great driver of performance.
If you want to do breakthrough things you can’t have someone worrying about their job.
Follow your passion.
You absolutely have to be so crazy in love with what you’re doing.
Every startup is going to have hard times. Deep, dark days.
A team working together can turn a not-so-decent idea into a decent idea.
It takes a lot of luck and timing to make everything work out.
Failure is almost always team issues or running out of money.