Stop, Drop(shipping), and Roll in the Profit

TMBA233: Stop, Drop(shipping), and Roll in the Profit
Date: 2014-02-27
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Prague is the only place in Europe where you can spend Asia prices.
When you’re less concerned with the cost you spend more time looking at everything else.
If you’re drop shipping you’re not controlling the branding and product.
It costs zero money to get into drop shopping.
The big dogs use money to make money.
With drop shipping the low barrier to entry is low for everybody. It is going to get very competitive.
You have to be in the conversation to see the opportunities.
At trade shows you can buy lists beforehand of people that are going to be there. Reach out to them beforehand letting you know where you are going to be.
It is important to get market intelligence early on (for pricing).