Scaling Up Excellence

Title: Scaling Up Excellence

Date: 2014-02-12

Speaker: Bob Sutton (Stanford)

Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

If anybody ever says to you that they’ve solved all of your problems for scaling they’re lying to you.

The people who scale badly are so focused on running up the numbers that they don’t realize they need to slow down and spread beliefs that propel scaling.

Live a mindset. Don't just talk about it.People need to know when to hit the brakes so you can accelerate scaling later.

Focus on hiring the right people.

When firms scale effectively (in hiring) they think about the mindset and not just the footprint.

The kind of mindset you need to scale an organization is going to vary widely from organization to organization depending on what the intent is.

The best organizations have the right mindsets for them.

Have relentless restlessness.

The hallmark of organizations that spread excellence is a feeling of accountability.

To change human behavior a rational argument won’t work. First get the emotions cranked up then link it to a tangible set of solutions.

Live a mindset. Don’t just talk about it.

What really changes the deep-seated beliefs we have is what our behavior is.

No matter what people are saying keep them moving forward.

As systems and projects get bigger you have to add more complexity.

Wait for things to crack a little bit but not break.

The purpose of hierarchy is to destroy bad bureaucracy.

As teams get to ten people you spend more times on organizational chores and less time on work.

A deep pocket of excellence spreads from one place to another.

Bad interactions pack five times the whop as good interactions.

Get rid of the bad first.

The most effective groups take the path of most resistance.

A lot of what a leader’s job is to change attention from how much today sucks to how great it will be in the future.

Leadership is a learned skill that most, but not all, people can learn.

Leadership is a complicated thing.

Know when to not give a shit.