Shaping the Future of Data

Title: Shaping the Future of Data
Date: 2014-02-05
Speaker: Gurjeet Singh, Gunnar Carlsson, Ann Miura-Ko (Ayasdi)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Hypotheses are a subset of a large table. (Gurjeet Singh)
The business is about turning data into knowledge automatically. (Gurjeet Singh)
Keep your eyes open for opportunities for using some bits (of big data) more immediately. (Gunnar Carlsson)
If you’re an engineer you know math but you know you don’t know math very well. (Garjeet Singh)
In computational fluid dynamics you pretty much solve simple problems over and over again. (Garjeet Singh)
Not only do you need to be smart but you need to want to do something, to carry something out, to actually solve a problem as opposed to writing a paper. (Gunnar Carlsson)
There is a huge amount of available math out there. (Gunnar Carlsson)
There is a bunch of low hanging fruit in math. It is worth spending some time trying to fish it out. (Garjeet Singh)
There is a whole spectrum. On one end is the theory and on the other end is the application. (Gunnar Carlsson)
You want to be able to prototype things quickly and test against actual applications. (Gunar Carlsson)
People creating large data sets might not be the best people to analyze them. (Garjeet Singh)
Get out of the building. (Garjeet Singh)
For any action you should be able to say what you’re going to do with it. (Garjeet Singh)
Big data is a meaningless term. (Garjeet Singh)
It is okay to have a solution and search for a problem. It can be made to work. (Garjeet Singh)
Get rid of the notion there is bad data. (Ann Miura-Ko)