How to Organize & Run a Startup Mastermind

Episode 167 | How to Organize & Run a Startup Mastermind
Date: 2014-01-14
Link: Startups For the Rest of Us
A startup mastermind is a group of business owners who want to talk to others in the same boat.
Isolation is something you need to avoid.
A mastermind is a semi-replacement for having co-founders.
The best startup masterminds are 2 to 4 people. The ideal number is three people as you’re getting two other people’s perspectives.
Have a policy of confidentiality.
Make it regular rather than planning it individually each time.
Use something that has video (for masterminds over the Internet).
You need to have the right types of people.
Have an opt-out clause so people can walk away with no feelings hurt.
Personality may trump similarity of business.
Think hard before you get into a mastermind relationship.