What Great Leaders Do

Title: What Great Leaders Do
Date: 2010-11-10
Speaker: Bob Sutton (Stanford)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Everybody wants to be competent and work for somebody that is competent.
There is no evidence of a first mover advantage.
If you’re a senior executive you’ll get more blame and more credit for organizational performance than you deserve.
The best bosses work hard to be in tune with how others are responding to them.
When you become successful is when you should be especially wary of turning into an idiot.
You’ve got to know when to push and when to back off.
Fight as if you’re right. Listen as if you’re wrong.
When two people in business always agree one of them is unnecessary.
If you disagree with an idea you should work especially hard to implement it well because that way when it fails you know it was a bad idea and not a bad implementation.
For every bad interaction you had better have five good interactions or you’re in trouble.
A rotten apple knocks down the team performance by 30%.
If you work with jerks you start acting like them.
An asshole is someone who consistently puts their own need in front of their peers, their customers, or the company.
A good boss lets their workers work.
A good boss has their worker’s back.
End meetings on time or even more quickly.
Good bosses protect their workers from idiocy on high.
Nipping things in the bud is very important.
The worst bosses let things fester.
To be an effective boss you need to know what it takes to do it, you need to have good coaching and mentoring, and you need to have a lot of experience.
Bad bosses do a disproportionate amount of damage.