How to Build Buzz and Why it’s Better than Hype

SPI 069 : How to Build Buzz and Why it’s Better than Hype
Date: 2013-05-31
Link: Smart Passive Income
When you build buzz for something you’re doing the work beforehand so that when you launch things start to roll on their own.
Buzz is started by you and fueled by others.
Other people are the engine for buzz.
Buzz is an inbound form of excitement.
Expectation is the backbone behind building buzz.
If you just build it you’re going to lose.
You can’t just build it. You have to market it.
Meet people at conferences and become friends. Give them free copies of whatever it is you have to offer.
A waitlist is good for building buzz.
Use scarcity to build buzz.
Make an event out of it (the launch).
Run a sweepstakes or contest.
Before you launch give it away and get them to say something about it (testimonies).
Keep Monday and Tuesday open for only broadcast emails and the other days of the week for autoresponders.