Solving Problems Makes a Great Business

Title: Solving Problems Makes a Great Business
Date: 2010-10-06
Speaker: Chi-Hua Chien, Dan Rosensweig (KPCB, Chegg)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Silicon Valley is a complete meritocracy. (Dan Rosensweig)
Sell stock early. (Dan Rosensweig)
The business model will follow where users are spending their time. (Dan Rosensweig)
Every great entrepreneur at one times feel like, “Wow. Maybe I can’t do it.” (Dan Rosensweig)
The most successful companies on the Internet are services. (Dan Rosensweig)
Hire people that are willing to be part of a team. (Dan Rosensweig)
To change the world you’ve got to trust that people will figure it out over time. (Dan Rosensweig)
Follow your passions. (Dan Rosensweig)
If you’re excited about something whatever you’re doing is going to feel like a great job. (Dan Rosensweig)
Work for people you trust. (Dan Rosensweig)
Define success. (Dan Rosensweig)
Never look back. (Dan Rosensweig)
The road not taken is the road you’re never going to know. Make the road you’re on successful. (Dan Rosensweig)
Don’t hang around in a place you can’t be happy. (Dan Rosensweig)
You have to be open to where things are going. (Dan Rosensweig)