The Diplomacy of Technology

Title: The Diplomacy of Technology
Date: 2010-05-26
Speaker: Alec Ross (Advisor to US Secretary of State)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Manage time like you manage your money.
Hire true believers.
Stay connected.
Stay out of the grey twilight.
Just as important as managing your capital is managing your time.
Time is one of the most precious resources of an entrepreneur.
Focus on hiring people who would run through a brick wall.
It is the people that have the will and the hunger to succeed that are, more likely than not, going to be the ones who end up becoming the most successful.
Failure isn’t the end of the world. In fact it makes you a lot stronger.
Demographics are destiny.
The system is prejudiced against smaller and more innovative companies.
Innovation is about something that is much more than technology.
People are still used to hearing things from the top and integrating that into their life.
Innovation is at the core of our economic future.