A Panorama of Venture Capital and Beyond

Title: A Panorama of Venture Capital and Beyond
Date: 2010-05-12
Speaker: Marc Andreessen (Serial Entrepreneur)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Just because someone has been an entrepreneur does not mean they are going to be a good VC.
The worst thing you can do is go into a category and look for something to invest in because the good ones are already taken.
New companies generally shouldn’t exist. Existing companies are usually pretty good at what they do.
There are products that become companies and companies that come up with products.
If there is a set of disruptive changes coming it is incredibly important to go on offense.
The nature of a network is that it gets more and more valuable to the people that are on it as more people join.
The best companies tend to be polarizing.
To be in this business you have to ignore the opinion of broad base investors.