Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way – How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning

SPI 041 : Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way – How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning
Date: 2012-07-09
Link: Smart Passive Income
In between the point of entry (to your site) and exit you have all of the segments that add up to your brand and your relationship with your audience.
Soft pitch pipeline.
Talk about your experience with the product.
If you have a well balanced pipeline hardly any pitch is needed at all.
You need to become friends with the people that visit your site. You need to develop a relationship with them.
If someone doesn’t know you and trust you they definitely are not going to share you with their friends and followers.
The relationship takes time to build.
Be personable.
People connect with people.
The more you are a person online the easier it is for your audience to connect with you.
Building a brand is the equivalent of building relationships.
Tell stories.
Build your important relationships with stories.
RAOK (random acts of kindness)
Do favors for people that are totally unexpected.
The most important thing to be real.
Take the time to care about the people that read your site.
You need to know where you want your visitors to go. If you don’t everything you do will seem random.
Don’t start with the products. Start with their goal and use the products that you find to be helpful to get them there.
Experience sells.
You have to use a product before you promote it.
Anything that you promote directly reflects on you and your brand.
You’ve got to protect your brand.
You want to become a resource for that product.
Literally show your audience what it is like to use the product.
People like to see what they’re going to buy.
Unbox the products.
Be honest.
Offer to provide support.
Give people multiple opportunities to click through your affiliate link.
Have a resource page on your blog.
Offer a bonus.
Create a bonus that complements the product.
Whenever you throw up an affiliate link remember why you’re doing it.