Success and Failure Drive Innovation

Title: Success and Failure Drive Innovation
Date: 2010-03-03
Speaker: Polly Sumner, Liz Tinkham (Salesforce & Accenture)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Customers are going to shape the companies of the future. (Polly Sumner)
Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid of failure. (Polly Sumner)
Your service has to be used otherwise people cancel. (Polly Sumner)
Focus on customer success. (Polly Sumner)
Inside big companies a lot of entrepreneurialism goes on. (Polly Sumner)
There is only one currency and that is the number of hours and minutes that end up in your life. (Polly Sumner)
No idea is a dumb idea. (Polly Sumner)
We don’t do work in a hierarchical manner anymore. (Polly Sumner)
All companies are made up of teams. (Polly Sumner)
The key to building great teams is transparency and communication, focusing on results, rewards, listening, and making it be a positive experience for all participants. (Polly Sumner)
It is still an important thing to look the other person in the eye. (Polly Sumner)
In the first ten years of your career you really need to understand Brazil, India, Russia or China. (Polly Sumner)
If you’re from a Western market you should figure out a way to go and live there. (Liz Tinkham)
There is magic in simplicity. (Polly Sumner)
If you make things simple people will use them. (Polly Sumner)
There is a relationship between innovation and simplicity. (Polly Sumner)