Panel of Young Entrepreneurs

Title: Panel of Young Entrepreneurs
Date: 2010-02-10
Speaker: Steve Garrity, Clara Shih, Kimber Lockhart, Jeff Seibert, Josh Reeves, Tristan Harris (Panel of Young Entrepreneurs)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
You have so many resources at your fingertips (when you are in school). At any time you can tap into that network.
The relationships you start early on will serve you well.
You have to be able to trust each other (cofounders) to get it done.
Make sure you choose a good cofounder.
Have complementary skillsets.
Everyone on your team you have to trust 100%.
Don’t get too wrapped up in what is a cofounder and what is not. What really matters is people’s contributions.
Only 2% of companies funded take venture capital money.
Go into the fundraising process knowing why you want to raise money and what you want to do with it.
You don’t need a lot of capital to prototype something (in the web space).
Fundraising takes time away from product development.
If you don’t take outside investment there is nobody who can kick you out of your company.
You need engineers on the core team or it will be hard to bring on more engineers.
You need somebody to specialize in non-engineering stuff.
Be scrappy. Be opportunistic.
Writing a book is a really great way to generate leads.