Unlearn Your MBA

Title: Unlearn Your MBA
Date: 2010-01-20
Speaker: David Heinemeier Hansson (37 Signals)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
People come out of college with a warped sense of what matters.
Make a dent in the universe.
Readjust, recalibrate, when you come out of school.
All of the tools you learn (in school) are only for you. They won’t impress anybody else.
Good writing is a competitive advantage.
Nobody is going to be impressed by big words.
Planning is guessing.
The sooner you realize you have no clue the better.
You really need to be worrying about today, tomorrow, and next week.
Most decisions (for a small business) are temporary.
Venture capital is a time bomb.
When you spend other people’s money you care less about the money. When you’re spending your own money you care very deeply about it.
You need to have an actual product with an actual price so you can make actual profits.
Most big businesses start as small businesses.
Usually only five to ten percent of the effort you put in matters.
Being a workaholic is neither a guarantee for success or a requirement.
Great ideas and execution come from a well rested mind.
No matter what you do you’re not going to be an overnight success.
Nobody is an overnight success.
When you see an overnight success they have been working for ten years.
Making mistakes is the best way to learn.
Most companies start out with the right ideas, with the right philosophy, and then they lose their way.
There is no inherent correlation between revenues and employee count.
Build something scalable.
To run a successful business you need to have the mentality that every dollar is your own.
You can either outspend or you can out teach.
Try to build an audience.
All sustainable businesses are built by word-of-mouth in the end.
Every business is interesting.
You have to appeal to people’s own self-interest.
Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to learn.
Revenues don’t mean anything. Profits mean something.
You don’t always have to give up everything to start something.
There is no room in a new, small company for an idea guy. You have to do stuff.