The Full Story Behind Our First Niche

TMBA 222: The Full Story Behind Our First Niche
Date: 2013-12-12
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
It is very difficult to market to everybody at the same time.
Use your marketing dollars wisely.
Customer development.
Target industries that aren’t online but will be eventually.
It is generally hard to sell online any product over $500.
Have your phone number on your website.
A lot of time b2b is high-friction sales.
Take customer feedback very, very, very seriously.
It is easier to lean on word of mouth in b2b.
Be the kind of company that people approach with problems.
If you get a phone call enough put the information online.
Be on the phone with the first 20 customers.
The marketing challenges you go up against in the b2c environment are huge.
Be passionate about the process.