5 Trends In Remote Working and Team Building

TMBA 221: 5 Trends In Remote Working and Team Building
Date: 2013-12-05
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Everybody is a free agent–their own little entrepreneur.
The term distributed team will replace outsourcing. The term team member will replace digital assistant.
The move is from arbitrage to optimization.
Hyper-specialized services will replace oDesk and Elance.
People don’t care where people are as long as they wear the t-shirt.
Have pride in your location.
Don’t hire people that know nothing about your product unless you’re willing to train them.
The Philippines is losing its edge as the preeminent outsourcing place.
Vietnam has high-level educated people.
The de facto language in SE Asia is English.
Book: Hatching Twitter
Instead of changing your heart change your venue.
You don’t have to do the things that have created success for other people.
You have to give your business your best self. Particularly when you’re getting it off of the ground.
You have to find the best people to work with.