Evolution of a CEO

Title: Evolution of a CEO
Date: 2010-01-13
Speaker: John Adler, Trip Adler (Accuray & Scribd)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
In entrepreneurism there are no rules. You make up the rules. (John Adler)
Leadership in business is common sense. (John Adler)
As an entrepreneur you can’t just take direction from somebody. You have to pave your own path and make your own mistakes. (Trip Adler)
You have to learn from trial and error. (Trip Adler)
You have to work with someone to know how they are going to perform. (Trip Adler)
In hindsight you can connect the dots. (John Adler)
You’ll figure it out if you just keep trying. (Trip Adler)
If you make the product good everything else falls into place. (Trip Adler)
If you have a successful company you’re going to attract good people. (Trip Adler)
Culture stems from your belief in the product and core mission. (John Adler)
Just go for it. (Trip Adler)
You’re going to learn on the job. (Trip Adler)
Don’t be too afraid of failure. (Trip Adler)
The worst thing you can do is be intimidated. (John Adler)
Do not look back. Just keep going forward. (John Adler)
There are no rules. (John Adler)
Out of the fact there are no rules comes great opportunities. (John Adler)
The hardest challenge in a consumer web startup is getting users. (Trip Adler)
The successful entrepreneur is very focused. (John Adler)
As an entrepreneur you give up many dimensions of your life to go very deep in one area of your life. (John Adler)
As the company gets bigger it gets harder to keep everybody aligned. (Trip Adler)
Follow your own vision. (Trip Adler)
In the end you need to make your own decisions. (Trip Adler)
Make a product that your customers really want and you will be successful. (John Adler)
Trust your gut. (John Adler)
Trust your gut within your area of domain. (John Adler)
Have a vision of where you want to go and build it. (Trip Adler)
Your most vocal users are not your typical users. (Trip Adler)
Listen carefully to what the world has to say but in the end make decisions. (John Adler)
Do the core part of your business in-house. (Trip Adler)
You need to learn it does not pay to pay any attention to the competition. (Trip Adler)
The best companies are very internally focused. (Trip Adler)
If you make a niche market happy you can grow from there. (John Adler)