Successful Independent Promotion: From Artist to Entrepreneur

Title: Successful Independent Promotion: From Artist to Entrepreneur
Date: 2009-11-04
Speaker: Quincy Jones III, Chamillionaire (QD3)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
If you have a personal connection to your audience, and speak directly to them, then that is better than buying a billboard. (Quincy Jones III)
Money makes the world go round. (Chamillionaire)
You gotta be creative. (Chamillionaire)
If you’re passionate about something you never know where it can take you. (Quincy Jones III)
A lot of people learn the hard way the first time around. (Quincy Jones III)
Technology has leveled the playing field in a lot of ways. (Quincy Jones III)
Content is king. (Chamillionaire)
I’m in the business of making money. (Chamillionaire)
Be authentic. (Chamillionaire)
You can’t buy your way into the markets as easy as you could before. (Quincy Jones III)
People trust their peers more than they trust an ad. (Quincy Jones III)
Hang around with people that are creating and are going to be leaders of our economy. (Chamillionaire)
Two fools arguing from a distance both look like fools. (Chamillionaire)
Whatever you’re doing take it real seriously. (Chamillionaire)