Pat’s Top 30 Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing

SPI 030 : Pat’s Top 30 Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing
Date: 2011-12-28
Link: Smart Passive Income
Build trust first.
Trust is earned through giving. Give as much away as possible.
Get on other people’s radar and let them do the marketing for you.
Know the product (that you’re trying to sell as an affiliate).
Commission shouldn’t drive the decision to promote a product.
The best way to get to know a product is to use it.
Get your audience to know as much as possible about the product you’re promoting as an affiliate.
The more you show the more comfortable people will be to make a purchase.
Become a source of information for that product.
The end of a post is a good time to share links and resources.
Make your images link.
Get in contact with the owner of the product you’re selling as an affiliate.
Do an interview with them.
Get a special deal just for your audience (from the owner).
Create an epic post (about the product).
Create FAQ, troubleshooting resources, etc.
Create multiple YouTube videos about the product.
YouTube is the number two search engine in the world.
Include your affiliate link in the video description.
Give people a call to action (in the last video).
Start with an unboxing video (if it is a physical product).
Hold a webinar. Record your webinar. Publish a webinar replay.
Give away a bonus in addition to the product.
Don’t directly link to your affiliate links on social media.
Keep track of your click through.
Get a discounted price (for a limited time one) for your audience.
There is nothing more powerful than somebody else’s recommendation.
Don’t directly promote anything on your email list.
Disclose that your links are affiliate links.
People appreciate honesty.
Thank people afterward for going through an affiliate link (if tracking allows).
Review and compare different products of the same type.
People like to shop around. Have that happen on your site.
Focus on how it will help your audience (not the features but the benefits).
Believe in your recommendation.
If it doesn’t work out try another offer.
Work with the owner to make their site is as good as possible.
Be patient.
In most cases you’re not going to make money overnight.
Take action. Nothing is going to happen on its own.