Evangelizing for the Lean Startup

Title: Evangelizing for the Lean Startup
Date: 2009-09-30
Speaker: Eric Ries (Author)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The majority of the companies that are ever started fail.
High-tech entrepreneurship is a risky business.
Fundamentally entrepreneurship is a management science.
Most founders have horrifically bad ideas at the start.
Within every bad idea is a kernel of a good idea waiting to come out.
In startups it is all about the team.
Discover what customers want before it is too late.
Build the product itself iteratively.
The biggest source of waste at a startup is building something that nobody wants.
What you think the minimum viable product is is too big. Likely by a factor of two orders of magnitude.
Customers do not know what they want. Act on their behalf, not at their request.
Behind every technical problem is a human problem that caused it.
If you can imagine it you can build it.
The only customers that will talk to you when you are a startup are early adopters by definition.
Great entrepreneurs don’t have better ideas, they have better processes.