Vision Matters

Title: Vision Matters
Date: 2009-04-08
Speaker: Jensen Huang (NVidia)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Building a company is extraordinarily gratifying but it is also incredibly hard.
Vision matters.
Everyone has a perspective.
Just because you’re a visionary doesn’t mean you’re a visionary about everything.
Perspective matters.
Moore’s law is a law of competition.
Innovation is a rather dangerous thing.
Intellect matters.
Training matters.
Unless you have passion it is going to be extremely difficult.
You have to ask yourself what the purpose is you’re building the company for.
Be honest to yourself.
If you’re not reinventing yourself you’re slowly dying.
You have to cannibalize your own products.
You don’t set the price. The competition sets the price.
The function of a manager is to allocate resources properly for the best return.
The competition sets the price but you decide on whether you do the project or not.
You have teach people how to take calculated risks. It is a skill.
If you want to be successful grow a tolerance for failure.
Don’t ever go into business with anyone you don’t deeply trust.
It is better to have a niche than to be everything to everyone.
Don’t be Jack of all trades, master of none.
Equity is another way of saying “what’s fair?”
Every successful thing needs to be torn down at some point.
You have to cultivate new leaders.
Ideas are a dime a dozen.