Innovation as the Crux of Entrepreneurship

Title: Innovation as the Crux of Entrepreneurship
Date: 2009-02-18
Speaker: John Hennessy (Stanford)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The biggest challenge is how do you nurture and grow innovation?
It begins with people and ends with people.
If you don’t take some chances you never succeed.
Innovation starts in a fragile way. It has to have a conducive environment.
It is the job of a great university to think globally.
Innovation comes down to a lot of small discoveries.
If the universities can’t work on the world’s biggest problems then who will address those problems?
Your work should make a difference.
Better to start smaller and excellent and then to grow over time than to start large and compromise on quality.
Draw on the best talent because in the end that is what it is about.
Money is cheap. Really good, committed advice is really hard to find.
Compensation should directly tie to (measurable) performance.