Online Marketing Trends with Special Guest Clay Collins

Episode 148 | Online Marketing Trends with Special Guest Clay Collins
Date: 2013-09-03
Link: Startups For the Rest Us
Design is the new copywriting.
99 Designs is the best way to interview a designer.
It is easier and cheaper to grow your business by focusing on design rather than conversion.
It takes a lot of domain expertise to nail the copywriting.
Good marketing is often merely a matter of highlighting the things that are most important to highlight.
Calls to action should be above the fold.
The color of call to action buttons should be yellow (assuming it doesn’t conflict with the color scheme).
Opt-in boxes do better when the call to action is on the right side of the page.
Resource lists are working now (to get email signups).
Don’t do too much HTML in email.
Make sure calls to action in email are above the fold.
Don’t ask for more than one piece of information when somebody is coming to a landing page from a mobile device.
When people go to a website they make a judgement of whether it is a giving page or a taking page.
Put “Download Now” on a button.