13 Mistakes and 13 Brilliant Strokes

Title: 13 Mistakes and 13 Brilliant Strokes
Date: 2009-01-14
Speaker: Hugh Martin (Pacific Biosciences)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
If you know you’re going to leave (your job), just leave.
Get the product out.
Your board is an asset that can help you out.
Always be courageous. Don't be afraid to have a great idea.You need to trust your gut.
The CEO is really, really important.
Have a V.P. of H.R. that understands the hiring process.
Never ever be afraid to go up against big, dominant players in the market.
As a CEO you get to decide the culture and style that the company will have.
Young, new venture capitalists don’t want grand slam hits. They want a series of singles that allows them to build a reputation.
Over-communicate all of the time.
Don’t be greedy about ownership. It is more important for the board to market the company and give you advice than how much of the company you own.
Always stay focused on your customers.
Always be courageous. Don’t be afraid to have a great idea.
Don’t be afraid to take risks. Life is way too short and you should maximize it.
Resist the temptation to grasp for the brass ring.
Try to keep your ego in check.