The Next Wave of Industry: Global Clean Tech

Title: The Next Wave of Industry: Global Clean Tech
Date: 2008-10-08
Speaker: Erik Straser (MDV)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The next 40% percent of people on this planet are going to achieve an American middle-class standard of living in the next 25 to 50 years.
Figure out how to find a long wave (a trend that will permeate your career for the next ten to thirty years).
Jumping on a wave as a professional will be one of the smartest things you ever do.
Think about the specific problem you’re solving.
Carbon is going to become the third currency on this planet. Cost of capital, cost of barrel of oil, cost of CO2.
One of the challenges of being an investor is knowing what you want to invest in.
Venture is more policy influenced than it has been.
The biggest markets are international.
Partnerships come in every flavor.
It is unlikely that any one technology dominates all applications.
Technology becomes very application specific.
The average U.S. car is on the road for 11 to 12 years.
The long term goal is to take the byproducts of coal and turn them into other equally valuable products.
As a baseload technology nuclear makes the most sense.