Revel in the Adventure of New Ideas

Title: Revel in the Adventure of New Ideas
Date: 2013-10-23
Speaker: Steve Teig (Tabula)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Apply everything you know about everything to every problem you encounter.
Always challenge your assumptions.
It is not enough to have great ideas. Infrastructure matters.
Redirect your fear.
Surround yourself with great teams.
Try to solve a problem that matters and whose solution matches your particular skillset.
Try to solve a problem whose solution will help you solve other problems down the road.
Making a decision clearly and quickly often matters more than making the right decision.
Figure out what you want to be and go after that. If the environment changes then change course a little bit.
It is easy to get paralyzed by trying to gather too much data too soon.
The most fun you can have at work is at a “change the world” startup.
If you change the world the money is going to come.
Have fun.
Pick something you love.
Always try your best.