You Have to Break the Egg

Title: You Have to Break the Egg
Date: 2013-10-16
Speaker: Cyriac Roeding (Shopkick)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Mobile and shopping are a really good combination.
The cellphone is the only computer that most people in the world have.
Mobile has different rules than other platforms.
There is a big difference between a feature, a product, and a company.
Conversion rates are very good in the physical world.
The chicken and egg problem is the number one problem for entrepreneurs.
The number one job of the entrepreneur is to break the egg.
The second thing an entrepreneur needs to do is create assets and reduce risks.
Everybody needs to know what their passion is.
First thing to do is to ask yourself, “whose problem does this solve?”
If you have an awesome idea with a bad team you’re done.
Culture is highly underrated.
Culture is a decision framework.
Culture is a wind that blows everybody in one direction.
When in doubt don’t hire.