Music Artists Go Entrepreneurial

Title: Music Artists Go Entrepreneurial
Date: 2008-07-24
Speaker: Tony Perkins (AlwaysOn Panel)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Sometimes you have to take the bitter with the sweet. (Mistah FAB)
Technology has rewritten the business model for the music industry. (MC Hammer)
Everybody is an artist. Everybody is a blogger. (Chamillionaire)
The Internet offers artists free distribution and free marketing. (QJ3)
The world is at your fingertips. (Chamillionaire)
People want to associate with a winner. (MC Hammer)
You can’t give away everything. (MC Hammer)
You’ve got to humble yourself down. (Chamillionaire)
What is a handshake to you is to somebody a lifetime memory. (Mistah FAB)
Analytics is the end game. (MC Hammer)
Analytics let you put your promoting dollars in the right places. (MC Hammer)
You have to interact with the fans. (Mistah FAB)
If some people know how smart you are they aren’t going to talk in front of you. (Chamillionaire)
Innovation is what makes you stand out from other people. (Chamillionaire)
Don’t talk about it. Just show people. (Chamillionaire)
Even a genius asks questions. (Mistah FAB)
If you’re smart enough to know something you’re smart enough to know you know not much at all and there is always more to learn. (Mistah FAB)
The strive for, the thirst for, knowledge is always a beautiful quest. (Mistah FAB)