DCBKK 2013 – What Our Speakers Taught Us

EP50 – DCBKK 2013 – What Our Speakers Taught Us
Date: 2013-10-24
Link: Tropical Talk Radio
Never brag about money.
Don’t talk about your future plans.
It is not validated unless they have paid you money.
Don’t believe your hype.
Home offices aren’t always a great idea.
Net 30 is for suckers.
Keep your family and business completely separated.
Don’t resolve internal conflicts on social media.
Don’t link your business name to your Google accounts.
Don’t purchase inventory before your customers have bought the product.
The only thing more important than being nice is revenue.
Design is a defensible competitive advantage.
Design is where you can set your business apart.
Record what you would do during a client meeting or a sales presentation. Put that on your website.
What gear are you in?
Select the right lever.
Plan on success. Write stuff down.
Be deliberate with your social media.
Don’t fall into a trap.
Keep your expenses low but don’t let that limit what you can really make.
With great responsibility comes great power.
Entrepreneurs make themselves responsible for things like the outcomes of their clients and the future of their industries.