Rewarding Sky-High Innovation

Title: Rewarding Sky-High Innovation
Date: 2008-04-23
Speaker: Peter Diamandis, George Zachary (X Prize)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Go back to what you were really passionate about as a kid.
Make a career out of something you really, really passionately love.
If you’re going to do something big in this world it is going to be hard.
Life is too short to do things for somebody else.
Insane pressure is the mother of invention.
Opening a frontier, any frontier, is multidisciplinary.
True breakthroughs require taking risks.
If it is a true breakthrough it is a crazy idea.
The average age of the engineers who designed the Apollo program was 26.
The first rule of sales is you have to ask.
Give people an opportunity to help you.
When you ask for money you get advice. When you ask for advice you get money.
Investing is a transferring of confidence.
Prizes drag regulation in their wake.
There are three phases of a good idea. The first is that people say, “It is crazy and will never work.” The next phase is that “it might work but is not worth doing.” The third phase is “I told you it was a great idea all along.”