The 10 Travel Commandments

Episode #152 – The 10 Travel Commandments
Date: 2013-04-18
Link: Lifestyle Business Podcast
Don’t use rolling luggage unless you’re going to only one destination.
Leave 20% of space left in your bag.
Use Airbnb.
Most places (Paris is an exception) you can find places on Airbnb that are cheaper than hotels.
Use Google Maps and Google Translate.
First 30 minutes on the ground should be focused on getting a sim card with a data plan.
Before leaving on trip save important data such as addresses of hotel, how to get to train, etc.
Don’t waste away travel time. Use it effectively.
Take some great photos. Put them in Camera Plus or equivalent.
Book a tour.
Do your homework.
Make the most out of your hard-earned points.
You generally get the best currency transaction rates when you take your money out of an ATM.
Trust your gut on what you love.