Entrepreneurship that Clicks

Title: Entrepreneurship that Clicks
Date: 2008-04-09
Speaker: Jeff Housenbold (Shutterfly)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Entrepreneurship is mostly a state of mind.
Entrepreneurship is about the state of mind of creating new products, of creating new markets, of creating new ideas, and creating new business and capturing some of the economic rents from that vision and the hard work.
Do something that you really love.
There is a pattern in using products and being passionate about them.
You don’t know everything. You can’t do everything. You’re not good at everything.
Understand your strengths and amplify them.
Focus on innovation.
Have a rabbi (someone in the organization who has a propensity for mentorship).
Do what really interests you.
Go where the money is made in the company.
Solve your boss’ and your boss’ boss’ problems proactively.
Go where there is tremendous growth or complete turnaround.
Don’t care about title at the early stages of your career.
Delegate effectively.
Success is not how smart you are but how can you get people to do what you want.
Build great teams.
Find time for the balance in life.