Banking on Corporate Culture and Strategy

Title: Banking on Corporate Culture and Strategy
Date: 2008-03-05
Speaker: Ken Wilcox (Silicon Valley Bank)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The most important things a company can focus on are its strategy and its culture.
Culture trumps strategy every time.
Desperate people will go to great ends and take great risks.
The world of venture backed companies is global.
Technology companies deposit about seven times what they borrow.
There is no such thing as an underserved niche. Every niche has been discovered. If it is underserved then it likely isn’t a good niche.
Culture is the most important part of any organization.
Culture is what motivates.
Hire as diverse a set of people as you possible can.
People need to work as a team.
Complex and sophisticated problems can only be solved by teams.
Everybody has to have an oar. Everybody has to pull on their oar in unison.
The first source of repayment is cash flow. The second is saleable assets (collateral).