South East Asia’s Top 6 Business Travel Destinations

Episode #111 – South East Asia’s Top 6 Business Travel Destinations
Date: 2012-07-12
Link: Lifestyle Business Podcast
When doing keyword research type in the exact phrase rather than a broad match.
You’ve got to be in love with the process.
Singapore is like going back to college.
Singapore has the world’s best airport. It is the ultimate hub destination.
Once you hear about the scene the scene is too late.
Singapore is very expensive.
There is a serious middle class in China.
Wages are increasing in China.
Hong Kong is like Manhattan but more beautiful and Asian.
Airbnb is good in Hong Kong.
In Hong Kong you have to have a registered accountant file your taxes.
Puerto Galera in the Philippines has six year tax-free zones.
Internet connections are greatly improved in Vietnam in the past three years.
Bali is difficult to get to.
Book for Cambodia: The Gate
Book: Hitch-22
Book: Kitchen Confidential