How to Build a Successful Company

Title: How to Build a Successful Company
Date: 2008-01-16
Speaker: Mitch Kapor (Foxmarks)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Interest in the wisdom of crowds.
Competing with big giants is a bad idea and should be avoided.
The barriers to entry of startups are enormously lower than they were a generation ago.
If you’re going to build a business that has value you’re going to need to solve somebody’s problem.
Raising money creates accountability.
Picking an investor is like picking a cofounder.
It is all about the people.
You have to execute.
Have corporate values and measure performance on them.
You can’t layer social responsibility onto a business like icing on a cake.
Business that are ahead of the curve on sustainability will do better on average. (Warren Buffett meets the Sierra Club)
There will be opportunities to do great businesses based on doing the right thing.
Unleash people to do what they couldn’t do before.