Working More Doesn’t Always Pay Off

TMBA42 – Working More Doesn’t Always Pay Off
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Stop buying dreams and start making dreams.
Productivity is a measure of output per unit of input.
If you’re consuming you’re not producing.
Consumption can help be inspired.
Parkinson’s Law: The amount of time a task will take is the amount of time you give it.
Ask yourself what is the intended result.
Tie actions to a specific result.
Book: Work the System by Sam Carpenter.
You should only have six people reporting to you.
The one big thing. What is the one thing you can do daily/weekly/monthly to move your business forward?
Double-down and focus.
Systematize the six people that are most important to your business success.
Listen to the nature of your procrastination.
Pomodoro sprints.
Book: Getting Things Done
Don’t rely on habits to get things done.