From Venture Capitalist to Entrepreneur

Title: From Venture Capitalist to Entrepreneur
Date: 2007-10-03
Speaker: Donna Novitsky (Big Tent)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
When seeking first funding think about what is the next inflection point where I remove risk from this venture?
Align milestones with rounds of funding.
There are only 24 hours in a day.
Go big or don’t go.
The best V.C.s are former entrepreneurs and operating executives.
V.C.s work primarily at a strategic level.
The entrepreneur’s job is execution.
Build the best team you can possibly build.
You can’t do it alone.
Incredibly bright people can fail because they are afraid to delegate.
Balance takes place over a long period of time.
Learn to juggle.
You have to be able to spell a company name. You have to be able to get the URL. It is helpful if it is memorable.
People find all ways to contribute far beyond their job description.
Wall Street asks different questions than customers ask.
Cash is king in a startup.
Spend the company’s money like you spend your own.
Before you can market you need to have marketing strategy.