Leadership and Choice

Title: Leadership and Choice

Date: 2007-05-02

Speaker: Carly Fiorina (Former CEO, HP)

Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

There will come a time in everybody’s life where you need to distinguish between the truly important and the merely interesting.

Don’t think about the next job.

Put all your energies into what you’re doing right now.

Every situation has many limitations. Every situation has many possibilities. The people who focus on possibilities are the people who achieve more.

Everybody is afraid of something.

The natural momentum of any organization is to preserve the status quo.

This is the first century in the history of humankind where we can do anything that we choose.

Leadership is about capability, collaboration, and character.

Sometimes the most important capability you can have is the capability to ask a question and hear an answer.

Customers always know what is wrong.

Income statements and balance sheets are lagging indicators.

Take risks and celebrate new ideas.

People who keep learning are vibrant.

Good decisions are a result of diverse people coming together and examining every point of view in a deliberate, rigorous process and then making a decision.

Groupthink is human nature. We naturally surround ourselves with people like us.

Build a diverse group of people.

Character is about judgement, perspective, and ethics.

Values are what guide your behavior when no one is looking and you don’t think anyone is going to find out.

A leader’s most important job is making sure everybody understands that values matter.

No company can rest on its laurels.

The choice to lead is everything.

Because business can make a positive difference it should make a positive difference.

The CEO’s job is to balance the requirements of customers, employees, community, and investors.

Business is about profit and products.

It is in a business’ enlightened self interest to be a positive participant in society and in community.

Anytime progress occurs something is left behind.

You’ve got to walk the walk. Nobody cares about the talk.

Be upfront with people about what you expect.

Diversity is about winning.

The people who figure out how to unlock the most potential are the people that are going to win.